Respiratory viruses on the rise

Feb. 20, 2024

As respiratory virus season is upon us, there are simple steps that everyone can take to protect themselves and the people around them.

Vaccination is an important measure which combined with frequent hand hygiene, avoidance of sharing cups and bottles and cough etiquette, decreases the chance of getting sick and having complications from respiratory viruses.

This was the first respiratory season where vaccines were available for influenza, COVID and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). It is not too late to receive the influenza vaccine as the flu season may extend for several more weeks.

The fall-updated COVID vaccine is recommended for all adults if not already received in the fall of 2023, and adults over 60 years of age can consult with their healthcare providers about the necessity of receiving the RSV vaccine.

More information on the current respiratory viral season can be found at 2023-2024 Respiratory Virus Season Likely Past Peak but Far from Over | CDC