COVID Protocols for Fall 2023

Sept. 1, 2023

The following was shared with students on Sept. 1.

Please read below for information about how COVID isolation protocols will operate this year, how to seek assistance, and where to find more information. 

Isolation protocols remain the same as Spring 2023 because the New Jersey Department of Health continues to require at least five days of isolation for individuals who test positive. While the COVID testing laboratory is no longer operating, free test kits are available at residential college offices, McCosh Health Center, and at Lakeside Apartments. 

Make a plan before someone tests positive 

Discuss with your roommate(s) what you plan to do if one of you tests positive. If you do not want to stay in your room while your roommate is isolating, make a plan for where you will stay during your roommate’s isolation period. 

Options may include: 

  • The well roommate(s) stay in the room with the roommate who tested positive, especially if the well roommate(s) tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days.  
  • The well roommate(s) stay in a common room within your suite. 
  • The well roommate(s) stay with a friend. 
  • The well roommate(s) may choose to stay in their room because of the likelihood that they will become positive as well.
  • The student who tested positive goes home or to a place off-campus. 

Each student who shares a sleeping space should have a rapid antigen test in their room for use by the student(s) who did not test positive. Some students will choose to stay in their room because of the likelihood that they will become positive as well. 

If You Test Positive 

Please submit your positive test result from a self test kit using this form. You should provide proof of your positive results by submitting a report or a picture of your rapid test. 

If you have questions or need assistance with isolation issues, contact The Service Point during normal business hours (9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) by calling 609-258-8300 or by emailing [email protected] .  

  • Outside of these hours, if you have an urgent issue that cannot wait: 
    • For medical questions or concerns, call the Infirmary at 609-258-3141.
    • For all other issues, contact Public Safety at 609-258-1000 to have Public Safety connect you with the Dean on Call. 
  • Please note: Hotels are not a good option for individuals who are positive.

For questions or concerns about meals while in isolation, contact Campus Dining by emailing [email protected]

If Your Roommate Tests Positive 

If your roommate tests positive and you share a sleeping space, you are likely considered a close contact and need to follow the protocols for close contacts. 

  • If you HAVE tested positive within the past 90 days, your risk of being re-infected with COVID-19 is low and staying with your roommate would be a good option. You do not need to test yourself using a rapid antigen test.
  • If you have NOT tested positive within the past 90 days, test yourself using a rapid antigen test. If you don’t have one, kits are available in the residential college offices, Lakeside Apartment offices, and McCosh Health Center. 
    • If you test positive, follow the instructions above and isolate with your roommate. 
    • If you test negative on your first antigen test, take another test 3-5 days after exposure, or if you develop any symptoms.
  • If you would like to stay separate from your positive roommate, activate your isolation plan, which may include you moving to another space while your roommate isolates in your room. If you live in a suite, the best option may be to offer the COVID positive student a private sleeping space within the suite so that you can remain in another part of the suite. 
    • If you are unable to find a place to stay and there are compelling reasons for staying separate from your roommate, send an email to [email protected].  
    • If you need immediate assistance outside of the 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. hours that The Service Point is available:  
      • Contact Public Safety at 609-258-1000 and ask to be connected with the Dean on Call.
      • Contact the Infirmary at 609-258-3141 with medical questions or concerns. 
  • Wear a good quality mask, such as a KN95 mask, when around other people for 10 days unless you have not been in close contact with your positive roommate, as recommended by the CDC and the NJ Department of Health. Free KN95 masks are available in the residential college offices and Lakeside Apartments.

COVID-19 Resources 

For more details about isolation and other COVID-related information, visit the COVID Resources site.