About Inside Princeton

Inside Princeton brings you the information you need to navigate the rich and complex world of Princeton University. 

Our Vision

Inside Princeton is a central point from which you can access university resources, software tools, events, and communications. This is the first version. We have big ideas. With your help and input, Inside Princeton will expand while remaining easy to use.


While you can use Inside Princeton without being logged in, full access and customization requires that you log in. We know this can be annoying but we need to know who you are to present the information that is relevant to you. We are working to find ways to make login as infrequent as possible.


All categories of information are visible and accessible from the Home Page. If the information you want is not on the Home Page, just click on the associated "View Full List" button and you will go to the directory where you can browse links by category or search for the like you want.

You can mark a link as a favorite, by selecting the "star" next to it. Favorite links will appear on your Home Page so you can access them with a single click.


You can use the search box at the top of the Home Page to find information. The results of the search are organized into three tabs: Intranet (Inside Princeton), People, and All Princeton.

How Information is Organized

Information on the Home Page is organized into six categories.


Announcements presents current important information from Princeton's administration. Currently, this information is distributed by email. Now you will also find current announcements on the Home Page and you can view past announcements in the full list.

Business Tools

These are links to software tools that you need in your work. Place the tools you use most often on your Home Page by marking them as "favorites." You can browse or search for less frequently-used tools on the Full List. In many cases, you will also find links to the documentation you need to use the tool.

Princeton Links

This section is a directory of links we have gathered from websites throughout the university. As with other categories, you can mark frequently-used links as favorites so they appear on your home page. When you go to the full list, you can browse by category, search within a category, or search the entire set of links.

Personal Links

Personal links are bookmarks you can add. They can point to sites or pages within Princeton or to external websites. You can name links in any way that you find useful, and you can add notes to help you remember information you will need when you access the link.

Community News

Here you will find news for and about Faculty and Staff, provided by the Office of Communications.

On the Calendar

Don't miss important dates. The Calendar displays events, the academic calendar and university holidays in one place. You can view these dates in calendar format or in a list.