About Inside Princeton

Inside Princeton brings employees the work-related information they need to navigate the complex world of Princeton University. 

What Is This Site About?

Inside Princeton is the University's employee intranet. It aggregates work-related institutional messaging, links to resources and tools, events and news about and for Princeton staff and faculty into one place. 

Why Does This Site Exist?

The information and tools we need to work are scattered across more than 1,200 campus websites. We often use a combination of Google searches, word of mouth, saved emails, sticky notes and device bookmarks to keep track of it all. News about staff and faculty is sometimes on princeton.edu, sometimes on our unit’s website, or not posted at all. Important messaging about work is easily missed or deleted. 

All this makes it hard for us to find what we need for our jobs. Inside Princeton works to solve this problem for Princeton’s 8,000+ full-time employees. 

Who’s Responsible for Inside Princeton?

The site is a collaboration between Communications, the Dean of the Faculty, Human Resources, OIT and the Office of the President. Communications and OIT are responsible for its daily operations, and academic and administrative units around campus contribute to it.

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Don’t see something you need? Is something broken? Do you like what you see? We want to hear from you. Send us feedback (login required).

Wait, Log in? What?

You do not need to log in to use all of Inside Princeton’s features. Public information, such as news, events and links, will continue to be public. Your access to online email is there, too, as is a link to Princeton weather.

But you will get a lot more if you log in. Inside Princeton is personalized for you and customizable by you. Log in to:

  • See important announcements just for you
  • Save and access links from any device or browser
  • Participate in employee-only content, such as polls, Q&As and contests

Who Can Log In?

Full-time employees who receive email as part of the "all employees," "all staff," "all faculty" or "all benefits-eligible employees" email lists can log in. (Casual and temp employees, as well as students, cannot log in to Inside Princeton though they may use the publicly available features.)

How Does This Affect the University Home Page and Other Sites?

Many institutions of higher education, Princeton included, have historically included information for employees on their main .edu sites. This trend has been changing as the need to reach employees increases. The COVID-19 pandemic and working remotely has made this need more urgent.

The University home page (princeton.edu) tells Princeton’s story to the world, and Inside Princeton keeps faculty and staff informed about work. In addition, many of the University’s administrative and academic units publish their own important information, which is aggregated on Inside Princeton but rarely makes it to the University home page.

Does This Site Replace My Unit’s Intranet or Website?

No, it does not. Inside Princeton makes finding information easier by aggregating it. Your academic or administrative unit will continue publishing information to its site.

However, if you believe other employees need to know something that resides on your site, please let us know (login required). We’re especially interested in amplifying employee news and announcements.

Is This All I Get?

Inside Princeton will grow with new content and features.

How Do I Use It?

Dashboard & Log in

The home page is your dashboard. All of Inside Princeton’s features appear here. Log in through the link at the top using your CAS credentials and DUO. Full-time employees who receive email as part of the "all employees," "all staff," "all faculty" or "all benefits-eligible employees" email lists can log in.

Email, Weather and COVID Links

  • Email -- Check your email from home or any remote location.
  • Weather -- See the Princeton forecast.
  • COVID -- A direct link to the University’s latest Covid-19 information and policies website.


Urgent work-related notices will appear near the top of Inside Princeton. Critical alerts will appear on every page. Here's a routine alert:

Example of an alert that appears on the home page

An example alert

You can dismiss an alert by clicking the X button.

Search (some features require a login)

Use one search box for three searches: people directory, Inside Princeton and sites on the princeton.edu domain. Search remembers the last results you viewed so you can return to it for your next search.

Some fields in people search require a login to view.

University Links (some feature requires a login)

University Links is a library of work-related resources, including tools (such as Canvas, Concur, Blackboard and more). You can search, browse, share and save University Links to My Collection. Saving a link to My Collection requires a login.

Send Us Feedback (login required)

Let Inside Princeton know about your needs and concerns.

My Collection (login required)

Your personal bookmarks. You can search, browse, and share these links. Create your own custom links for any site on the internet.

Announcements (login required)

Messages that you receive as part of the "all employees," "all staff," "all faculty" or "all benefits-eligible employees" email lists plus additional communications for employees that you won’t receive anywhere else. You can bookmark announcements for later reading and share a link to them (a login is required to view the content behind shared links). See all past announcements, and filter and search them.  

Community News

Articles about and for Princeton employees.

On the Calendar

Work events (such as holidays), campus events that are important to employees (such as flu fest and major public events), and the academic calendar. Save events to your personal calendar.

Feedback (login required)

We want to hear from you. Send us feedback.